Course curriculum

    1. Key Players Of The Industry

    2. Questions That Need To Be Answered Before You Start Your Dispatch Company.

    3. What services will you provide?

    4. How much will you charge for your services?

    5. How will you accept payments from your clients?

    6. How much time do you have to invest in building this dispatch business?

    7. How much money do you have to spend on ads and leads?

    8. What type of clients do you want to dispatch for? (Box trucks, semi-trucks, power only, hot shot)

    9. What will give you a competitive edge over the massive competition as a dispatcher?

    10. What is your mindset at this point?

    1. Independent Freight Dispatcher Start Up Explanation!

    1. Understanding HOS (Hours of Service) Part 1

    2. Understanding HOS(Hours of Service) Part 2: ELD

    3. 7:00am Eastern Time: Check Drivers Position and HOS

    4. Post A Truck On The Load Board

    5. Send An Available Truck List To Your Broker Partners

    6. 8:00 AM Searching The Load Board

    7. Negotiating Rates & Load Board Tools That Help

    8. What To Say When You Call (The Script)

    9. Carrier Packets

    10. Rate Confirmations

    11. Putting Loads Into TMS

    12. Putting Loads Into The TMS Part 2

    13. Send Pods To Brokers

    14. Tracking Loads and Customer Eld Access

    15. How To Book Loads In Advance

    16. Booking Backhauls

    17. Canceled loads

    18. Detention Time

    19. How To Invoice For Billing

    20. Check Traffic and Potential Weather Conditions

    1. The Necessities List

    1. Hardware

    2. Website

    3. LLC/ Business Formation

    4. Dispatching Software

    5. Load Board Access

    6. Carrier List

    7. Guidance And Tips

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